Top 5 Best Spiritual Books To Read.

Spiritual books to Read

Hello soulmates! Religion doesn’t matter, these five best books will show you right divine path.

Why should i choose best spiritual books to read?

You can think that what does matter of choosing these spiritual books, Yes it contains important thing that true valuable information which make us to think and make us realize all such things happened in our life, and make us to go in good way, keeps us with blissful, joy, and which make us to sense of consciousness to be aware in all things and gives pleasant peaceful life full of reality with complete truthfulness.

How can a spiritual book is good ?, is it practically makes us possible to reach divine?

YES! sure why not, many many spiritual saints, and monks have written their own experience in with hope on future monks and saints or any spiritual person.

In with aiming of bringing good spiritual person, they’ve written, how to be in spiritual, and their basics and spiritual practice, meditation, how to maintain personal good habits and mind control etc., these things have written with good sake on future spiritual person.

whoever may be he or she, can able to attain divinity by following their guidelines which this can helpful in any problematic situation.

Spiritual books is not contains full of rules and regulations… it just having full of solutions including lifeful of experience of author who written about topics related to spiritual. So, we can enter into spiritual journey without any hesitation.

Who are all new entry to spiritual it is right thing to try glance over spiritual books, and choose which one is suits for you.

Since, according to your opinion your favourable right one which suits for you one and one only. Before that, make sure that your book is true one or fake one. For identifying this, you can discuss with people, or glance over in Google or you can ask any true spiritual person and priests in temple.

The people who is in spiritual way can able to realize what are all they’ve experienced, is similar with particular monk or yogi’s life who can read their book; can realize this, can clarify their doubts and found solutions, and learn mindfulness which these results to lead and maintain in spiritual journey.

What are the top best spiritual books to read?

According to my reference , the top 5 books will surely lead your life through spiritual.

The top 5 are;

NO: 1, 1. Autobiography of yogi.

Auto biography of yogi describes about lifeful experience of Sri Paramahansa Yogananda is a monk who he reveals about his spiritual life from his childhood, and his beginning spiritual journey , after then meet his spiritual master is Swami yukteswar giri who is follower of his master Lahiri mahasaya. Becoming a monk, by practicing kriya yoga and meditation, with guidance of master and self realization of god he started to travel across America and other countries to spread his teachings aiming to make other people understand and learn , realize about self – realization, mindfulness and true enlightenment.

My experience on “Autobiography of yogi” :

With my experience, this book is valuable for spiritual ones. Since, it contains ample of information feeds for who dwells deep in spirituality. Which it does, information about normal human transforms into divine.

And many useful advices to lead peaceful life. If you need, it is available on google sites.

2.“Where there is light” ? .

“Where there is light”? author is swami Paramahansa Yogananda . This is book is released after his autobiography. he revealed his spiritual experience in this book . and all about secrets of God’s truth.

This was released by Yogananda satsanga society on Thursday February 4 . This book is divided into 15 chapters, and all of topics is about practicing on meditation as crisis , and dwelled in importance of meditation which led one towards inner light through self-realization. which had been incorporated in this book.

My experience: about this is, very informative and makes us interesting to read and stimulates our eager to know about finding secrets about God and where he precise within us.

If you’re attracted to spirituality you’ll surely enjoy this book, which this book feeds about deep consciousness of personal spiritual life experience to all spiritual people.

NO: 2.

1. “The Second Coming of Christ”.

This, i wouldn’t have gone through in this book, but according with others reference i can conclude about this book. This book contain two volumes 1,688 pages with 32 illustrations .

In the master work of Paramahansa Yogananda , he just takes us into the path of journey through the four Gospels. He reveals about Christ who was messenger of God, which in each verse by verse he illumines the universal path to oneness with God which it has been taught by Jesus to his immediate disciples but, which this was obscured through after centuries by misinterpretation.

in sake for bringing truth about teachings of Jesus, Author reveals about, “How to become like Christ, how to resurrect the Eternal Christ within ones self”, are all clarifies in detailed manner.

This vital mark transcends divisive sectarianism to reveal a unifying harmony underlying all true religions. which it breaks all or limitations in all religions and cast in this world of east to west and it goes us into the true way on inner light which it imparts the life transforming realization that each of us can experience for ourselves the promised Second coming i.e.., awakening of the all-fulfilling Divine Consciousness latent within our souls.

“The creation of God lies within us”!

– Swami Paramahansa yogananda

The Resurrection of Christ with in you – Revelatory on original teachings of Jesus.

The author Yogananda reveals that he is not referring about returning of Jesus to earth, he just already came two thousand years ago and after he unifies with universal path to God’s kingdom, he again resurrected; his reappearance to masses not is not necessary for the fulfilment of his teachings.

What is necessary is for the cosmic wisdom and divine perception of Jesus to speak again through each one’s own experience and understanding of the infinite Christ Consciousness. Which that was the incarnate in Jesus. That will be his true Second Coming. This was said by Paramahansa Yogananda.

NO: 3.

1. “Sri Ramakrishna face of silence”.

Author is Swami Nikhilananda and Dhan Gopal Mukerji. All readers can enjoy with eternal bliss since, it motivates us whenever we fall down in our challenges occurs in spiritual journey.

What are all the situations can how to be faced with clear minded are such things are revealed by Swami Ramakrishna which has been edited by author in this book .

This book is truthful and best inspirational for us . The author brings up a excellent inspirational story of a Sri Ramakrishna who is spiritual master of universal acceptance. every intellectual, true spiritual person should read it.

Since, what are all the problematic situations and circumstances that a normal human does, when he moves on to spiritual journey, and about obstacles like desires, lust, and more all are how to be solved which these things are revealed in this book . So, we could get a clear thought of solving our problems in our spiritual journey.

2. “Annai Sri Saradha Devi’s life history :

Women empowerment – How could women be a monk ? can women lead in spiritual?

Yes of course! all women can lead it!!..We’d have seen all spiritual monks and yogis are all men who lead their spiritual journey with successful manner. But, many women also lead their spiritual journey as monk, yogi, in successful manner but it not be honored at those days.

So, now we can seen here minimum number of women in spirituality. Sri Annai Saradha Devi who lived in (1853 – 1920) , who she is inspirational for all women in spiritual journey.

her life in spiritual journey with her husband Ramakrishna who is well wisher for her and a good spiritual master guides her through spiritual way of life with living without any sexual desires and without any domestic life they both together lead spiritual journey successfully with sense of truth and purity.

Saradha Devi is a brave divine mother, who she overcome all limitations in at domestic society. with her will power and hope makes her possible to lead spiritual journey. She proved that, all women can lead spiritual journey at any cause. So, she is inspirational for all women , with her life story let we learn and lead it!.

We can learn it form this book that, how to live with sense of purity without lust and overcome human feelings. This book is available in Tamil version. In English, it is available in three topics so, you can read which one it suits.

3. “The Spiritual Teaching of Ramana Maharishi”.

“Who am i” ? – Ramana Maharishi’s inner inquiry.

Author C.,G.Jung Gives a detailed, history about Sage Sri Ramana Maharishi ( 1879-1950 ) who was one of the greatest spiritual teachers in modern India. Which he attain spiritual enlightenment at the beginning of age 17 for long period of time passing over years he just isolate himself into a cave for self-realization through meditating longer period of time.

He had a death experience at age 16 it is the initial stage for him to finding himself what’s on beyond life and death; due to the attraction of lord Shiva at Anna malai Temple in Tiruvannamalai ; he begin to meditate and find himself answers for all his questions through meditation over long years in cave near temple.

He came out with full of enlightenment and full of knowledge knowing answers for all his doubts and questions related to creation, life, death. with his enlightenment he feeds on spiritual seekers guide them to how to reach god. He later, described that he recognized the true “I or “self” or the state of mind with full of awareness with deep internal consciousness regarded as Eswaran or Janani.

The renowned Indian Sage Ramana Maharishi is beloved by Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, and Taoists alike for the inspirational power of his teachings, which transcended all religious differences.

Here is a collection of Sri Ramana’s instructions and discourses culled from three works: Who Am I?, Spiritual Instructions, and Maharishi’s Gospel. These teachings are arranged by topics such as work and renunciation, silence and solitude, peace and happiness, and the discipline of self-inquiry. Reading this book, presented in question-and-answer format, evokes the feeling of being with this outstanding teacher at one of his intimate teaching sessions.

                                                                 "LET YOU RESEARCH YOURSELF"!

No :4

1. “The heart of Buddha’s teachings”.

In The Heart of buddha’s teaching, Author Thich Nhat Hanh brings us a gift of clear poetic expression with Four Noble Truths, ( 1.Truth of suffering, 2. Truth of cause of suffering, 3. Truth of end of suffering, 4. Truth of path that leads to the end of suffering. ) , The Noble Eightfold Path, and other basic Buddhist teachings.

Thich Nhat Hanh’s gives a extraordinary contribution to Buddhism and for human life he gives the way by his these teachings and practices accessible to everyone, that how the way of deteriorate suffering which holds us down can be the path to our liberation.

“Desire is the root cause of suffering”.


Qualities of enlightenment:

With poetry and clarity, Thich Nhat Hanh imparts comforting wisdom about the nature of suffering and its role in creating compassion, love, and joy which these said to be qualities of enlightenment.

In this book, author reveals the core teachings of Buddhism and shows us that the Buddha’s teachings able to access and applicable in our daily lives. and covers the Noble Eightfold Path, the Three Doors of Liberation, the Three Dharma Seals, and the Seven Factors of Awakening, and this book act as radiant beacon on Buddhist thought for the initiated and uninitiated alike.

” Thich Nhat Hanh shows us the connection between personal, inner peace, and peace on earth.”

Dalai Lama

2. “Secrets Of Divine Love”.

A. Helwa is author who she believes that Divine’s love spreads all in each every single person in this earth. inspired her writings over thousands of readers through her passionate, poetic, and love-based approach to spirituality. This book contain totally 385 pages, which she speaks on Islam and spiritual development. With her personal experiences and traditional sources helps readers access ‘ Divine love in everyday life.’ Published in this year 2020 from Naulit publishing house, which we can benefit to get know about new updates from spirituality.

Body, Mind & Spirit , Healing , prayer & Spiritual.

Author mainly includes her subjects in her writings about, Body, Mind and spirit and healing power and how to pray with dedication and about spiritual growth and personal growth, how to be in mindfulness and includes about Mysticism. which these are all our needed ones will surely we can benefited from this book.

NO: 5.

1. “Will“.

Will power – Source of Spiritual journey to achieve Divine destiny.

The “Will” ( vol-10 ) introduced by Sahaj Marg Educational Series and published by Shri Ram Chandra Mission ( Shahjahanpur, India ) . Author is “Ferdinand Wulliemier” done great work on great spiritual masters of their self motivated quotes, about Devotion, Commitment, Command and Energy , Desires, and difference between the will and will power etc.., all these things useful for self motivating in spiritual journey are all revealed in this book.

My experience:

The author takes us in journey of path by his quotes by their masters words, and he covers all the topics based on spirituality which can attained by through will including strong hope and belief.

He strongly reveal’s about the desires with will which could push down to worldliness except, without any worldly desires only will with strong hope on divinity will able to connect higher spiritual consciousness by our beloved god who can speak with god and connects all nook and corner of universe with his self realization leads to complete enlightenment can completely mingles with god as a part of divine.

Author’s voice:

"Our Masters explain that when we have progressed to the ultimate stage of surrender, our ego is no longer able to recuperate its willpower for our personal wishes or benefit. At such of divinization, the will doesn't even depend on the living body to be active.  Chariji has extensively described this irreversible transformation when analyzing his own Master, Babuji.

We hope that the readers will be successful in using their own willpower for going through all the quotes of the book, thus being encouraged to strengthen this indispensable faculty in order to progress rapidly".
                                                                                                                                       - Ferdinand Wulliemier 
                                                                                                                                                2016, Switzerland.


From my opinion, The above mentioned are the most highly recommended for you all readers, since this all feeds you what ever you expect exactly. The other popular books are relates and comes under the same content with some changes in the moral values, apart from this we can get clear way of good understanding from other popular books.

Other popular books are,

  • Bhagavad Gita,
  • Quran, Bible,
  • The secret,
  • Alpha mind power,
  • Swami Vivekananda,
  • Divine in romance,
  • Sri Ramakrishna Question and answers,
  • A course in Miracles, The seven spiritual laws of success, & The Alchemist.

Spiritual practice, reach divinity, higher level meditation , higher consciousness, To attain God :

Which these other popular books, heals your all problems in body, mind , and stress, handle unfavorable condition. which these makes you clear way of understanding the difference of worldliness and spirituality.

The top 5 books can be easily understandable for who those already dwells deeply in spirituality. The upcoming members should be apply their sincerity and aware in their real-life experiences to attain higher level in spirituality.

Not all can be attained easily in higher level. Those who dwells with will power with dedication beloved on god in deeply with good hope can able to move on to higher.

Spirituality is not easier to understand , at first level- you should have to understand your psychological level , ability to control your mind. second – keep deep faith, hope true belief on god, love with your deep inner heart, show up in your devotion, make devotion strong. third – practice meditation at early morning and evening, be on your personal good habits, avoid unnecessary distractions which it divert you from divine path. fourth – Be research yourself.

Be connect with your beloved god and speak to him try to clarify your doubts and questions form your god, make a stronger connection like a magnet between you and god. five – believe yourself, believe your will, believe you dedication, believe your love on god, believe god’s love on yourself. be ready to face all obstacles in your reality with support of God.

Which this results, makes your god guide you in good way helps in lead higher consciousness , enlightenment in your spiritual journey till end.

“Make your favorable God be with you”.

– by your soulmate.

Thank you all my Soulmates!. 🙂

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